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Why I use Honeybook as a Professional Makeup Artist

You will know that good time management is imperative to success as a small business owner. As a makeup artist, I have little time between client appointments to respond to inquiries or questions I get throughout the day. Honeybook is my saving grace. It has allowed me to continue to run my business when I am away from the computer or phone.

Many of my fellow bridal vendors also use Honeybook for their small businesses. Honeybook is a fantastic asset for photographers, florists, wedding planners, and more.

One of my favorite features in Honeybook is automation. When clients submit an inquiry, a reply sends immediately with the necessary information. If they have questions, I have automation for that too. Additionally, I can set up my automation so that emails, contracts, or files go out to a client or vendor at a specific date, time, or with my approval.

Keeping your business organized is also incredibly important for a small business owner. With hundreds of clients each year, maintaining correspondence can get overwhelming if not organized neatly. Honeybook allows me to keep all files and emails for each client in their own 'client workspace.' Additionally, you can utilize the workspace to send personalized invoices, proposals, contracts, and timelines. I can keep notes and details for each client and add other vendors to a 'vendor section' where we can discuss the timeline or any pieces that need to be gone over for a specific project.

Another feature I frequently utilize on Honeybook is the opportunities section. This section allows any Honeybook user to post jobs for other users. For example, a photographer needs a second photographer for a wedding. Photographers, Wedding Planners, and other vendors often use that 'opportunity' tab to see if anyone is available to assist at a particular day or time.

That said, I know many CRMs to choose from, all of which showcase different features. Choosing the right CRM for you and your small business is very personal. Just be aware that any CRM will take a bit of work and time to learn. After almost a year with Honeybook, I am still learning the ins and outs. I will say that since signing up, I have never once regretted my decision or wished I had gone with another CRM.

Honeybook allows me to spend more time with my family and less time worrying about if I sent an email or a file out on time. From makeup lessons, photoshoots, editorial projects, or weddings, Honeybook has me covered.

If you decide to try Honeybook, use my link to either get Honeybook for ONLY $1 for six months, or you can choose to get 20% off a year subscription. Either way, those are two AMAZING deals!

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