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Slugging Along

Updated: Jan 15

One of my favorite ways to put moisture back into the skin overnight is to 'slug.' This is incredibly helpful during the dry winter months.

When I discuss this topic with a client, the usual response is..."Slug? What in the world is that?"

I am sure this picture comes to mind...

No! I promise we will not be smothering your face in slugs.

Slugging is a Korean skincare term aptly named because your face will look slimy like a slug during the treatment.

Slugging is AMAZING, and today I will teach you how I do it and why.

The Why

Slugging seals in moisture and can help with healing dry, peeling skin.

Before I start, I recommend contacting your dermatologist beforehand to ensure slugging is right for you. Acne-prone skin should probably skip slugging.'s time to get slimy.

First, you will need the following products;

A heavy moisturizer and a petrolatum-based ointment.

For my rich moisturizer, I use Weleda Skin Food. The petrolatum-based ointment I use is CeraVe Healing ointment.

TIP: I recommend getting an old pillowcase that you are okay with getting dirty. If you want to keep your hair from getting greasy, you can pull it back and put it in a shower or plastic hair cap overnight.

First, wash your face and remove all makeup. This is a crucial step. If you don't remove all of your makeup or start with an unwashed face, you could be locking in dirt and debris, which can break you out, and we don't want that.

Next, with a wet face and hands, place your heavy moisturizer all over your skin. Then comes the fun part, in a thin layer, you will gently slather on the petrolatum ointment over top of the moisturizer.

The petrolatum acts like a skin protectant, preventing up to 99% water loss.

Get some beauty sleep and wake up with glowing, moisturized skin.


Won't the petrolatum-based ointment break me out?

Petrolatum is hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic (meaning it won't cause whiteheads or blackheads), so it is safe for all ages and most skin types.

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