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Makeup Lessons

With more than 18 years of industry experience, I understand the importance of makeup looks that stand the test of time. That's why I specialize in crafting refined, classic, and cohesive looks that transcend trends and remain timeless.


Empowering Beauty Enthusiasts

In makeup lessons, I have the privilege of guiding clients, and sharing my passion and expertise. This unique experience allows me to connect with clients on a personal level, understanding their distinct styles and preferences. Witnessing their joy as they master new techniques is truly rewarding.

Comprehensive Learning

For a holistic learning experience, I provide various lessons

and add-ons, including personalized shopping experiences

and follow-up sessions. These additions ensure clients receive

ongoing support and guidance beyond their initial lesson.

Connecting Through Makeup

Makeup lessons are an ideal platform to share my love for

makeup artistry while forming meaningful connections.


Flexible Convenience

My services are designed for your convenience, whether you

prefer the comfort of your home or a studio setting.

Regardless of the choice, I guarantee prompt responses to

all inquiries.

Flexible Convenience

To access my makeup lesson pricing guide inquire here.

My Clients...

A Dash of Vermillion

Want a Lit from Within Glow

That fresh-faced glow that leaves everyone wondering how you obtained it. 

Quiet Moments

Know that Love is Love

My clients support others regardless of gender identity, race, sexual orientation or beliefs.

ATP-couple (12) (1).jpg

Have Trust In Me

Trusting in me and my process is imperative for a beautiful, relaxing service.


Want Refined Makeup Artistry

 Classic makeup looks that withstand the test of time.

Image by Dayna Lepp

"Kiley was INCREDIBLE! Everyone looked beautiful and our makeup stayed through all the sweating. On a personal note, she was so patient and sweet with my daughters, who watched her every move while working on makeup. She even let my oldest help with my makeup, which I will never forget."


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